Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rising at Kent

‘30th May, 1648. There was a rising now in Kent, my 
Lord of Norwich being at the head of them. Their first 
rendezvous was in Broome-field, next my house at Sayes 
Court, whence they went to Maidstone, and so to Col- 
chester, where was that memorable siege. ‘

The passage above is from John Evelyn’s diary.  The Royalist rising in Kent is referred to by Walter Scott in “Woodstock”, with Lord Holland involved.

‘…"Not without some danger, though," muttered Louis, thinking of his
encounter with Bevis on the preceding evening.

"No, not without danger, indeed," echoed the knight; "but, as old Will

  'There's such divinity doth hedge a king,
  That treason dares not peep at what it would.'

"No, no--thank God, that's cared for; our Hope and Fortune is escaped,
so all news affirm, escaped from Bristol--if I thought otherwise,
Albert, I should be as sad as you are. For the rest of it, I have lurked
a month in this house when discovery would have been death, and that is
no longer since than after Lord Holland and the Duke of Buckingham's
rising at Kingston; and hang me, if I thought once of twisting my brow
into such a tragic fold as yours, but cocked my hat at misfortune as a
cavalier should."…’

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