Sunday, January 15, 2012

John Graham Gilbert

January 15.—Day began with beggars as usual, and John Nicolson has not sense to keep them out. I never yield, however, to this importunity, thinking it wrong that what I can spare to meritorious poverty, of which I hear and see too much, should be diverted by impudent importunity. I was detained at the Parliament House till nearly three by the great case concerning prescription, Maule v. Maule. This was made up to me by hearing an excellent opinion from Lord Corehouse, with a curious discussion in apicibus juris. I disappointed Graham of a sitting for my picture.

Scott refers in his January 15, 1829 journal entry to Graham, who was John Graham Gilbert.  Gilbert ultimately was able to complete a portrait of Sir Walter.  A Glaswegian by birth, according to James MacLehose (“Memoirs and Portraits of one hundred Glasgow men”) Gilbert produced 39 portraits for exhibition by the Scottish Academy during his time in Edinburgh (1827 – 1841).  An image of Gilbert’s portrait of Sir Walter is available at Edinburgh University’s Walter Scott archive:

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