Saturday, December 3, 2011

Battle of Hohenlinden

‘…In the action of Haag, the Archduke John, whose credit in the army almost rivalled that of his brother Charles, obtained considerable advantages; and, encouraged by them, he ventured on the 3d of December 1800, two days afterwards, a great and decisive encounter with Moreau. This was the occasion on which that general gained over the Austrians the bloody and most important victory of Hohenlinden, an achievement which did much to keep his reputation for military talents abreast with that of the First Consul himself. Moreau pursued his victory, and obtained possession of Salzburg….’

From “The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte” comes Walter Scott’s treatment of Jean Moreau’s military success against Archduke John of Austria.  After Hohenlinden, it was less than two months until the Treaty of Luneville was signed between France and Austria.  The Battle of Hohenlinden took place on December 3rd, 1800.

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